Hi Friends! Wedding season has officially hit us full force – which means Kaela and I get the privilege of getting front row seats to at least one fashion show each weekend. It is a well-known fact that the brides dress is always a show stopper (I have had to fight the urge to make a visit to Couture Closet after most of our weddings to try on dresses). But people tend to forget about the guests! But we don’t – yea, that’s right! We see you bae! As we watch guests enter there is the inevitable moment when Kaela and I start discretely jabbing each other’s legs. It means we’ve seen an outfit we NEED. That’s right – I BLAME YOU LADIES! You are the reason I have been spending too much money on clothes lately. Typically, my jabs begin when I see a fabulous romper or jumper (they complete me). Kaela, tends to like more classic cuts.  

But picking out an outfit for a wedding is no easy feat. Guests can look to their invitations to be their “dressiness” guide. You might see wording varying from casual to black tie (white tie is an option too – but that is gala level fancy). But I would like to clarify here and now for all to read even if the couple wants their guests to keep it casual that does not mean jeans. For ladies I still suggest a summer dress or romper and gentlemen a button down and khakis/chinos are always a tasteful choice. As you work your way up to black tie that is when your dresses begin to get longer and your suits need to start having ties or bowties.  

Since, I can never pass up an opportunity to try on some clothes Kaela and I decided to visit a few different stores to find some wedding outfit hits and misses. We tried to choose outfits that would work for casual weddings but that could easily be dressed up!  

Our first stop was Work the Metal. They have so many fantastic options. I am actually having regrets not getting this dress. I am ALL ABOUT these vertical stripes, being 5’2” I need all the height I can get. The mixture of the shorter inner skirt and the longer over skirt also made it perfect for a casual outdoor wedding (yay for staying cool) with a pair of wedges. A pair of heels would have dressed it up nicely for an evening wedding. And for someone that doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry the high neck kept me from having to pick out a necklace. (PSA: if you ever need a necklace check out Work the Metals selection.)  

I had to try on this romper. It would be so cute for a fun night out or even errands around town but as comfy as it was, it was short. The combination of the flowy material and the length could have spelled disaster when I hit the dance floor. Try to be cognizant that you will move during a wedding, from sitting to standing to dancing. Find something that can do it all.  


It was Kaela’s turn next. She found a fun maxi length dress that was comfortable and cool. Another dress that would be great for a causal outdoor wedding or a more formal wedding with the right necklace and heels.   

Kaela enjoys channeling Jackie O whenever possible, so this cut of dress is right up her alley. The color is young and fun but the material and cut dress it up.  This one is a little too dressy for a casual wedding but would be fantastic for a cocktail reception.  


Next we hit up General Eccentric. I was immediately drawn to a jump suit with vertical stripes after my experience at Work the Metal. I was not disappointed. The cut was a little low for me personally but with some well-placed tape I would have felt like I could conquer the world.  


While we can give you advice and opinions all day long what really matters is how you feel in your outfit. Yes, it is the couples day but you are their guest and they want you to have fun at their wedding. Find an outfit that excites you and makes you want to party the night away with two newlyweds in love. Our last bit of wisdom when it comes to wedding attire is to remember: being overdressed is better than being underdressed, and sometimes showing less is more.