After a busy morning at the Pointe Kaela and I sat down to re-charge before our next wave of tours. Re-charging calls for a snack and mindless Facebook scrolling as we go over the details of our next tour. Suddenly Kaela started hysterically laughing and turned her computer screen toward me. Open on the screen were a page of gifs with the title “10 Reasons Wedding Pros Have the Best Jobs Ever,” written by Anja Winikka. As we scrolled down the page each gif prompted a fit of laughter and a story of our own.

1. We eat cake by the pound.

Oh, how true it is. Our brides are amazing and love to share their special treats with us on their big day. Typically, we have been talking with brides about their food choices since they began their wedding coordination with us so we are just as excited as they are to take a big bite. Nothing is better than sitting down with a piece of cake after finalizing a wedding for the past two days and realizing you did it! The bride that has grown into your friend just married the man of her dreams and you got to be a part of it. Cue shoveling cake into our mouths as our eyes tear up.

2. It’s a legit dance party every Saturday

Kaela and I tend to extend our dance party into an all-day affair. We get excited as we begin last minute preparations and the closer the event gets the more our adrenaline kicks in. This adrenaline boost typically comes out as goofily singing as we move tables or a few amazing (if I do say so myself) dance moves as we walk down the hall. Weddings are so much fun and we love to bring that energy into everything we do. Sometimes we can even get the DJ’s pumped up as they are doing sound tests – many throwback requests have been made!

3. We get to be on Instagram and call it work

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – you name it. We get to look at beautiful pictures of brides, makeup, wedding dresses, and cake and call it work.

4. And obsess over little details like customized drink stirrers and escort cards

The amount of conversations that Kaela and I have over the perfect place card (my current obsession is a little bottle of coke paired with a little bottle of Jack tied together with the place card) or the best little addition to a table setting would probably be considered ridiculous by most, but it is what we love. It’s the little things that make a wedding spectacular and we want all our brides to fall madly in love with their wedding.

5. We get to work with seriously creative people

Daily we get to work with individuals that are truly the most incredibly talented and kind people. We get to watch florists come into our venue and transform it into something completely different each weekend. We get to watch caterers create feasts from other countries. We get to see photographers and videographers capture moments that will be relived for years. We love getting to see individuals who love their job excel and bring them together to create a wedding that is unforgettable.

6. We throw great parties of our own (because how could we not?)

Brunches and March Madness parties – need we say more?

7. When things don’t look quite right, we come together to do whatever it takes to fix it

Weddings are never planned perfectly. Perfection is just not possible as much as we would like to think it is. Mistakes happen and things change.  But there has never, I repeat never, been a time when it hasn’t worked out. And typically, it is for the better. Typically, these little slipups allow us to use our creativity and pull together as a team to find a solution. We always come out stronger with new ideas and solutions.

8. Did we mention we make a living playing with our favorite things (cameras, flowers, dresses)?

We get to take endless photos of the most beautiful things. We get to help arrange place settings with some of the most amazing florists. We even get to help the bakers arrange special sweets and sometimes we even get to place a flower on the cake. Heck, I even learned how to tap a keg. The things we get to learn and experience are so unique and fun.

9. Success looks something like this

We get to see two people that we have gotten to know and become close to marry the loves of their life. And we are so honored that we got to be a part of something so special.

10. Our moto: Work hard play hard

The planning that goes into a wedding is astronomical. Hours upon hours are spent on each detail and the two days leading up to the big day require lots of coffee and energy bars. But once it is done… we get to party (which sometimes involves going home and ordering a large pizza while sprawled on your couch trying to work up the energy to shower)!