A bride typically takes many hours with all her bridesmaids to eat breakfast and sip on mimosas in their matching comfy clothes (I’m all ABOUT some silky floral robes) waiting on their makeup artists and hair stylists to work their magic. But what about the boys? They don’t need hours of hair and makeup time. But who wants to just sit around in a hotel room when their best friends are in town and Louisville has so much to offer?! So this week is dedicated to the boys and inspired by Mike Brown’s trip to Flying Axes with his groomsmen.


Here are a few of our favorite places:

  1. Flying Axes: I mean come on you get to throw axes. Enough said. The outside of the building has the feel of a warehouse but one whole wall opens up to the outside which I love.
  2. Round of golf: A round of golf is a great way to get outside without expending too much energy so you won’t be too tired for the rest of the day. We have a few courses in the city including Seneca Golf Course, Audubon Park Golf Course, and Cherokee Golf Course.
  3. Distillery Tour: You’re in Louisville! Check out what we do best – bourbon. Even if you aren’t a bourbon lover (I personally can’t stand the taste) the tours are still interesting, the history is engaging, and the buildings are stunning. Evan Williams, Jim Beam, Angel’s Envy, Rabbit Hole, and Copper and King’s (they have Brandy!) are all downtown distilleries.
  4. Butchertown Pizza Hall: Their slogan is “Pizza is Life. Come Live a Little.” And we couldn’t agree more. Louisville has quite a few great pizza spots (looking @ you The Post) but what makes Butchertown Pizza Hall so fun is they have an arcade and juke box.
  5. Food: To us eating is an activity. I can sit at a restaurant for 4 hours if there is a constantly supply of snacks and a few drinks. If you are all about BBQ we suggest Feast not only do they have great variety on their menu they have bourbon slushies. If you need some burgers in your life my go to is Hammerheads they also have overflowing baskets of fries that are heavenly. Ward 426 is also a great option they have a spacious outdoor seating area and a fun cozy lounge inside offering great food and drinks.

For this blog we tried to keep all the food and activities close to Butchertown but we would love to hear from you guys if you have any other great spots that you think our grooms would love!

Photo Credz: Portugal Story Co.