It is no secret that Kaela and I are notorious animal lovers. Each of us have puppies and kitties running circles around our houses. We are incredibly lucky that our building, The Pointe, is pet friendly so Kaela’s puppy gets to come to work too (I’m still working on teaching my beloved kitties to walk on a leash so they can come too). So, we thought it was only right that before we got too deep into our blogging adventure that we needed to officially introduce you to our resident office trouble maker. He will pop up more often than naught and is often recognized before we are: his name is Leroy Jethro Gunther Hammerstrom, fondly known as Gunny, Gun Bun, and when he is very naughty Bad Boy. Not only does Gunny get free run of the building he will also sit in on meetings, run errands, and help set up our events. We are so lucky that our couples tend to love him just as much as we do. Last year he was a ring bearer and got his own Christmas presents from multiple couples. Kaela and I always say that just shows how incredible our couples really are. Not only do these couples continuously do the sweetest things for us, they take the time to get to know us and our passions. And for anyone that knows Kaela… Her passion is Gunny.