Hi y’all! In any industry I think it is essential for professionals to continuously look for ways to increase their knowledge and further their education. Learning is what encourages not only personal growth but a company’s growth. So, in the spirit of continuing my event coordination education I have begun reaching out to various professionals in the wedding and event industry and asking them to tell me a little more about their profession and share any tips they might have for myself and my clients.

First off, I reached out to Becky Minger, a professional makeup artist who is based close to the Pointe (but don’t worry she travels too!). We met up at Please and Thank You and got down into the nitty gritty of it (oh no, now I’m thinking about cookies again…). I asked Becky to tell me a few things she would like all clients to know before she does their makeup.

Know your budget & what you are paying for.

Becky encourages all brides to consider the things that are going to last forever when setting their budget. While Becky understands that using a makeup artist is more expensive for brides than doing their own makeup, but there are a few reasons she feels budgeting for a professional artist is definitely worth it!
First, your photos/videos are going to last forever. The photos will be passed down for generations and you know they will be all over social media. Photos and videos of your wedding day are SO important and the way you look in your photos is crucial!
When it comes to makeup and products, many times, “you get what you pay for” and most people don’t know that the products you use will affect not only your look that day, but it will affect your photos!
I know we all love a good trip to Sephora or Ulta (pick your team ladies) but not all makeup is as it appears on YouTube tutorials & Instagram! Many makeup brands do not have the highest percentage of pigmentation and won’t translate from the palette to the face. What does this mean you ask? Well I didn’t know either, so queue Becky. The pigmentation of makeup affects how the makeup goes on your skin and how it appears in photos. Have you ever seen a beautiful eye shadow palette that just did not look the same once you put it on, or looked in the mirror and thought your makeup looked amazing but, in a photo, it looks completely different? The pigmentation has a HUGE effect on how the makeup lays on the skin and how it looks in pictures.
A professional’s makeup will have a much higher pigmentation (up to 70%-80%), and many times will be specially formulated for photos and high lighting (Becky uses The Perfect Face which was specially formulated for those situations aka perfect for brides, pageants and photography) Let the selfies commence! You can rest assured that not only will you feel fabulous and confident in your makeup, but the same makeup you see in the mirror will appear in the photos you will have for the rest of your life.
A professional makeup artist is a professional for a reason, they have gone through intense training to be the best at what they do. As professionals, they not only have access to professional grade makeup, but having a makeup artist you trust will allows you to sit back and enjoy a day that should be as stress free as possible.

Please, have a trial!

You’ve found a makeup artist that you are obsessed with and you have put down your deposit! Yay! So, now what? Becky could not express to me enough how essential it is for each bride to have a makeup trial before their big day. Yes, most make-up artists do charge an additional fee to do a trial – but come on ladies they are using their time and products, no one should have to work for free. And trust me (and Becky) it is WORTH IT! The benefit of a trial is that you will be able to discuss your preferences, work out any adjustments and actually see your wedding day makeup before the wedding day so you don’t have to stress on the big day! What happens if you go in with an idea in your head of what you want your wedding makeup to look like, but you see it completed and you hate it? On the day of your wedding you will have time for adjustments, but you will not have time to completely re-do your makeup. A trial allows you to be open and honest with your makeup artist and make any tweaks that will ensure the day of the wedding runs smoothly. Don’t worry, you won’t offend your artist if you ask for adjustments, they want you to be happy with the end product!

Come prepared and be on time!

Please, for the sake of your coordinator and makeup artist’s sanity arrive on time for your trials and your wedding day. Being 15-30 minutes late might not seem like a lot but that will push back the entire timeline of your big day. As a coordinator I do build in time buffers to your timeline but that might translate into instead of 15 minutes you have to spend with your bridesmaids drinking mimosas and reflecting on “that time in college…” needs to be spent in makeup. Part of being prepared is also preparing your skin. Some helpful hints Becky provided were:

• Absolutely no SPF. SPF in makeup (foundations, concealers, etc.) and in moisturizers could affect how makeup photographs and alter the specific look you have requested.
• Moisturize. But remember, NO SPF!
• If you are getting a spray tan make sure you have gone to the tanning salon before and know what the end result will be. If The Wedding Planner taught us anything it’s that your wedding week is not the time for experimentation (scrub, scrub, scrub!).
• If you get a spray tan for the wedding day make sure you get the same spray tan before your makeup trial. It is important for your makeup artist to see how the makeup will be affected by the spray tan.
• Exfoliate before your spray tan.

Your artist’s specific requests and requirements for how you arrive on the day of your wedding to ensure you have the best makeup experience will be outlined in your contract so make sure you READ your contracts.

**Special thanks to Becky for sitting down with me and sharing all her amazing knowledge! Make sure you check her out at @beckymingermua!