Hi there! And welcome to the Events on Pointe blog! My name is Christina and I am the Event Curator with the company Events on Pointe. Kaela, my PIC (partner in crime), is the Director of Events. I know the titles can get a little confusing so to simplify it: Kaela handles the venue side of events and I handle the design and coordination of events. But let’s be honest… we do it all! We are lucky enough to work in one of the most energetic, thriving, and beautiful cities on the planet (I know, it’s not like I’m at all biased) with some of the most loving, creative, caring couples on the planet (once again, I’m telling you this from a completely non-biased standpoint). We thought we were becoming selfish keeping all this beauty and love from the world so we decided to take you along for the ride! From week to week Kaela and I hope to give you a little glimpse of weddings, a little taste of Kentucky, and a little bit of love (sorry guys, I know it was cheesy but I had to).