Meghan and Harry’s wedding was right out of a fairy tale and we loved watching every minute of it. We had seen the ring, we knew the location…all that was left was the dress. TWO dresses to be accurate. The first a perfectly elegant gown fit for a princess; the second a fun, chic, and modern dress that was just begging to hit the dance floor. But why should a fun dress change be limited to the likes of the new Duchess of Sussex? The answer is: it shouldn’t! Our very own Ashley Klink Haws (#popfizzklink) rocked a dress change and rest assured it was truly phenomenal.

Ashley wanted the best of both worlds and we were lucky enough to help her achieve that. She not only wanted to have a first look with her very own prince but she wanted to see his face when he saw her for the first time walking down the aisle. The solution: a covert 007 dress change. Ashley brought in her first dress in with her family when they dropped off all their décor. Her second dress she brought in later in the day by herself, not even her family knew she was changing her dress.

Her first dress was a chic mermaid dress covered in lace. Ashley got photos of getting dressed with her mother, first looks with her bridesmaids, and when she made her way toward her prince, Ben. Her first look was everything we could have hoped for her. Ben stood at the end of the Atrium, a long room filled with windows and restored hardwood floors, waiting for Ashley to tap him on his shoulder. As soon as Ashley tapped Ben’s shoulder and he turned around she got the first look moment every bride dreams of for months. Ben just saw the love of his life in the white gown she would marry him in, and his face showed that. It was a face of true love, awe, and raw emotion.

Right before the ceremony, Kaela and I jumped into action. We had Ashley’s second tulle ballgown dress hidden in our office. While her bridesmaids and family were lining up for the ceremony, we pulled Ashley inside to get her changed. As she slipped into her second dress the anticipation was practically tangible. We kept Ashley in our office hidden from her wedding party. The only person invited in was her father. We set up draping at the entrance of the ceremony space so that the drapes could be lowered before Ashley came out of the office and she could be completely hidden. Once the whole wedding party was down the aisle we closed the drapes and Ashley emerged from the office. We arranged her train and veil and took our positions to pull the curtain back.

As soon as we pulled the curtain back all you could hear were the excited gasps of her wedding party. Ben’s expression was priceless, the look of a man who had just seen his princess. The dress change had the desired effect and allowed Ashley and Ben to have a first look while still revealing in the excitement of seeing each other for the first time in their ceremony.   But let’s be honest – he would have had the same reaction if she was walking down the aisle in a burlap sack. That’s the magic of love.