$1 Mimosa’s anyone? I’ll take 5. Work the Metal just opened up their Work the Wine Bar and it is pretty darn great. Kaela and I stopped by last Saturday for a quick pick me up before we headed back to The Pointe for the lovely Cohen-Koebel wedding. We took full advantage of the $1 mimosas’ and the cinnamon rolls provided by Scarlets Bakery (they have all your sweet needs covered). On a fun side note, they used peach champagne for their mimosas and for someone who lives on sugar it was life changing. But Work the Wine Bar is not limited to just mimosas’ and cinnamon rolls, they have rosè on tap, wines galore, coffee, and plenty of tasty snacks ranging from cheese plates to a delicious bourbon chex mix. After chatting with the sweetest bartender, Jack, I was also DELIGHTED to discover that they plan on having seasonal sweet treats from Scarlets available as we go into fall and winter. Picture walking into Work the Metal decked out in fall decor and meandering over to get a little pumpkin shaped cookie and a coffee. FALL PLEASE GET HERE FASTER! I honestly can’t even start to comprehend how adorable it will be during Christmas (sleigh bells ring are yalistenin?!).  


The best part of this whole shebang is that we have a go-to suggestion for when we have restless bridesmaids or guests who are so excited to get to the wedding they pop in an hour early. And needless to say, an hour early in wedding prep is basically a day in normal time. We have found that when couples decide to have early afternoon weddings with a large time lapse between their wedding and reception guests tend to arrive to the venue much earlier than planned for a few reasons. One: sometimes you just forget to read the invitation. Two: sometimes it’s just a pain to go home once you’re out. So, it is essential that we have suggestions for guests who cannot enter the venue yet, but cannot be expected to just stand outside. Enter: Work the Wine Bar.